Sep 24, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalogue 
2019-2020 Catalogue

French and Francophone Studies Minor

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Harry Gamble, Chair
Laura Burch
Marion Duval

The Department of French and Francophone Studies offers a program of courses, opportunities, and mentoring with four broad objectives: (1) to develop high proficiency in the French language; (2) to promote knowledge and appreciation of the histories, literatures, and cultures of French-speaking countries; (3) to develop critical thinking and analytical skills; (4) and to prepare students for success in a diverse world marked increasingly by globalization. The Department of French and Francophone Studies actively embraces interdisciplinarity. Majors and minors regularly go on to complete graduate programs in a broad range of fields. Many graduates pursue careers in areas such as teaching, public service, diplomacy, international aid development, and health, publishing, translation, interpreting, the travel industry, business, banking, and law. All courses in the department are taught in French, with the exception of FREN 25300.

Minor in French and Francophone Studies

Consists of six courses:

Special Notes

Special Notes: general

  • Study Abroad: To assure linguistic competence and in-depth understanding of Francophone cultures, the department strongly encourages study off-campus and will provide guidance on choosing a study abroad program. All majors should normally plan to spend at least a semester in a French-speaking country. Minors are also encouraged to study abroad.
  • La Maison française: Students with a strong interest in French and Francophone Studies are encouraged to apply to live in the Maison française, located in Luce Hall. The Maison française offers a convivial, stimulating atmosphere. Weekly cultural and social events allow students to improve their French and broaden their knowledge of the Francophone world. A language assistant from a Francophone country lives in the Maison française and helps organize daily conversations and weekly events. Applications are normally due in late February.
  • Advanced Placement: Students who receive a score of 4 or 5 on the CEEB Advanced Placement Examination may count this credit toward a major or minor in French and Francophone Studies. Students who have taken the Advanced Placement Examination are still required, regardless of the score received, to take the departmental placement exam at the College to determine the next appropriate course.

Special Notes: minors

  •  Please note that minors may place out of FREN 201, FREN 203, and FREN 216, depending on their high school preparation in French. In addition, appropriate courses taken as part of study abroad may replace core courses (contingent upon approval by department).
  • Minors also take a certain number of electives (the number will vary) at the 200-level or above. At least one 300-level elective must be taken on campus. Please see the course catalogue for a full list of offerings.
  • Study abroad is strongly recommended, without being a formal requirement for the minor. Students are encouraged to discuss study abroad opportunities early on with departmental faculty members and with the Off-Campus Study staff. Students completing a semester in France or another French-speaking country may count up to three courses taken abroad toward the minor. When registering for courses abroad, students are strongly encouraged to select courses taught in French (and not in English). Please refer to the list of College-endorsed study abroad programs. In particular situations, students may request permission to participate in a non-endorsed program.

Special Notes: the College’s foreign language requirement

  • Students who wish to meet the College’s language requirement in French by taking summer school courses or by participating in an off-campus program whose courses are fewer than four semester-hours are required to consult the chairperson of the Department of French and Francophone Studies prior to such study. Students who complete such courses may subsequently be required to take the departmental placement exam to demonstrate proficiency through the FREN 10100  or FREN 10200  level.
  • If a student registers for and completes a course in French below the level at which the French placement exam placed him or her, that student will not receive credit toward graduation for that course, unless special permission was obtained from the instructor of the course and the Department Chair.

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