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2018-2019 Catalogue 
2018-2019 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Film Studies Minor

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Deb Shostak, Chair

The minor in Film Studies focuses on film analysis, criticism, theory, history and the cinematographic elements and techniques that translate human thought to the screen. Students learn to read, interpret, and construct complex visual and verbal images that reflect a wide range of cinematic works, styles, and movements in order to develop a critical understanding of film’s significance as an art form, a means of literary and cultural expression, and a tool for both entertainment and social change. One of the distinctive features of the interdepartmental minor is the wide range of course offerings on films from different countries and cultures. The program of study also presumes that knowledge in constructing visual and verbal imagery is integral to interpreting it. Accordingly, a component of the minor focuses on aspects of film/video production or on media studies. The Film Studies minor can play a critical supporting role to the focus of a major and the Senior Independent Study.

Minor in Film Studies

Consists of six courses:

Special Notes

  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the minor.

Category I: Film, Criticism, History and Theory

CHIN 22300.  Chinese Cinema As Translation Culture [AH, C]

COMM 35006. British Media and Film

ENGL 23043.  Noir [AH]

ENGL 24017.  The American Film [AH]

GRMN 22800.  Studies in German Society & Culture [AH, C]

GRMN 22802.  German Film & Society [AH, C]

HIST 10161.  Russia’s World War II: Film and History [HSS]

HIST 27507.  Iranian History & Cinema [C, HSS]

RUSS 22000.  Russian Culture Through Film [AH, C]

SPAN 28000.  Hispanic Film (Taught in English) [AH,C]

THTD 24900.  Indigenous Film [AH, C]




Category II: Film Writing, Production, Media Studies

ARTS 15900.  Introduction to Photography [AH]

COMM 33200.  Visual Communication

COMM 35006.  British Media and Film

HIST 20201.  Workshop: Historical Documentary (0.25 course credit does not alone fulfill Category II requirement)

THTD 30103.  Playwriting [W]

THTD 30201.  Topics Visual: Scenic Design [AH]

THTD 30207.  Costume Construction [AH]

THTD 30300.  Topics in Physical Text [AH]

THTD 30307.  Directing [AH]

THTD 30313.  Acting for the Stage


Category III: Study of Film as Significant Course Component

AFST 24400.  Cinema of Africa and the AfricanDiaspora [AH, C]

ARTH 36000.  Art Since 1960

COMM 23500.  Media, Culture and Society

ENGL 21009.  Post Colonial Literature & Film [AH, C]

ENGL 24018.  Fidelity and Betrayal [AH]

HIST 20107.  The Western: Mythmaking in Modern America [HSS, W]

RELS 26400.  Religion and Film [AH, C, R]

RELS 26942.  The Bible and Popular Culture [R]

THTD 24800.  Native American Performance [AH, C]

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