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2018-2019 Catalogue 
2018-2019 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Archaeology, B.A.

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P. Nick Kardulias, Chair
Olivia Navarro-Farr


Archaeology is an interdisciplinary field of study that investigates the past by finding and analyzing evidence from material culture and the natural environment. Its history as an academic field in this country began in 1879, when scholars from a number of established academic disciplines - especially history, classical studies, anthropology, and art - founded the Archaeological Institute of America. Archaeologists draw on the humanities, history and the social sciences, and the physical sciences in their research to identify the unique achievements and common elements of past societies around the world.

Wooster’s archaeology curriculum has been designed to reflect the interrelatedness of the participating fields and to promote both ethical awareness and an appreciation of human diversity. The program is designed both for majors and for students with a more general interest in archaeology. Majors may view the degree in archaeology as partial preparation for a career in teaching, museum curatorship, or field archaeology. If so, they should secure as broad a background as possible in the liberal arts and plan to pursue their studies on a graduate level.

Major in Archaeology

Consists of fourteen courses:

Special Notes

  • The chairperson of Archaeology will approve a substitute for ARCH 219xx for majors and minors unable to schedule the course.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the major or minor.

Cross-listings Accepted for Archaeology Credit by Area Emphasis

Art and Art History

               ARTH 10100.  Intro to Art Hist: Prehistory-Medieval [AH]

               ARTH 20100.  The Bronze Age [AH]

               ARTH 20600.  Early Medieval Art [AH, R]

               ARTH 22100.  Islamic Art [AH, C, R]

               ARTH 22300: Architecture I: The Premodern World

               ARTS 15100.  Introduction to Drawing [AH]

               ARTS 15900.  Introduction to Photography [AH]

               IDPT 24000.   Greeek Archaeology & Art [AH]

               IDPT 24100.   Roman Archaeology & Art [AH]

Classical Studies

               GREK 20100.  Seminar in Greek Literature IIntermediate Level I [AH]

               GREK 20200.  Seminar in Greek Literature II [AH]

               HIST   20400.  Greek Civilization [HSS] 

               HIST  20500.   Roman History [HSS]

               IDPT 24000.   Greek Archaeology & Art [AH]

               IDPT 24100.   Roman Archaeology & Art [AH]

               LATN 20100.  Seminar in Latin Literature I [AH]

               LATN 20200.  Seminar in Latin Literature II [AH]

Earth Sciences

               ESCI 10000.  History of Life [MNS]

               ESCI 10500.  Geology of Natural Hazards [MNS]

               ESCI 12000.  Geology of National Parks [MNS]

               ESCI 20500.  Earth Materials [MNS]

               ESCI 25000.  Intro to Geographic Info Systems (GIS) [MNS]

               ESCI 27000.  Paleoclimate [MNS, Q]

               ESCI 33000.  Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology [MNS]

               ESCI 37000.  Sedimentology & Stratigraphy [MNS, W]

               ESCI 37500.  Geomorphology [MNS]


               HIST 20400.  Greek Civilization [HSS]

               HIST 20500.  Roman History [HSS]

               HIST 20600.  Medieval Europe, 500-1350 [HSS]

               HIST 21200.  Plague in the Towns of Tuscany [C, HSS]

               HIST 23400.  Traditional China [C, HSS]

Sociology and Anthropology

               ANTH 20500.  Political Anthropology [C, HSS]

               ANTH 21000.  Physical Anthropology [C, HSS, MNS]

               ANTH 22000.  Linguistic Anthropology [C, HSS]

               ANTH 23100.  Peoples & Cultures [C, HSS]

               ANTH 23101.  Peoples & Cultures: Japan [C, HSS]

               ANTH 23104.  Peoples & Cultures: Latin America [C, HSS]

               ANTH 23108.  Peoples & Cultures: The Amish [C, HSS]

               ANTH 23109.  Peoples & Cultures: Mediterranean [C, HSS]

               ANTH 23110.  Peoples & Cultures: Contemporary US [C, HSS]

               ANTH 35200.  Contemporary Anthropological Theory [HSS]

               SOAN 34000.  Ethnographic Research [HSS]

               SOAN 34100.  Social Statistics [HSS, Q]

               SOCI 35000.   Classical Social Theory [HSS]

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