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2020-2021 Catalogue 
2020-2021 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Media & Digital Studies: Digital Studies Pathway, B.A.

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Ahmet Atay, Chair
Nii Nikoi
Jennifer Hayward

The digital studies concentration provides a framework for studying the digital tools, cultures, and practices that infuse everyday life and shape how we think, work, play, communicate, organize, consume, and learn.  Courses in digital studies enable students to understand the social, political, economic and historical contexts of these technologies, acquire expertise in specific digital research methods and in digital creation, and consider the global networks and transnational flow of information made possible by digital media.

Major in Global Media & Digital Studies: Digital Studies Pathway

Consists of ten courses:

Cross-Listed courses/Electives

Category I Courses: National/Transnational Film and Media

  • AFST 24400.   Cinema of Africa and the African Diaspora
  • CHIN 22300.   Chinese Cinema as Translation of Cultures (in English)
  • CMLT 23600.  Comparative Film Studies
  • ENGL 30010.  Postcolonial Literature and Film
  • GRMN 22802. German Film and Society (in English)
  • GRMN 25000. Current Events in News and Social Media (in German)
  • HIST 20900.    Europe Since 1945: Film and History
  • HIST 27507.    Iranian Cinema and History
  • RUSS 22000.  Russian Culture Through Film (in English)
  • RUSS 24000.  Imagining Russia
  • SPAN 28000.  Hispanic Film (in English)

Category II Courses: Film/Media/Digital Writing and Production

  • ARTS 15900.   Introduction to Photography
  • COMM 33200. Visual Communication
  • ENGL 16002.   Travel Writing
  • GMDS 41000.  Internship
  • HIST 20201.    History Workshop: Historical Documentary Filmmaking
  • THTD 10200.  Foundations of Theatrical Design
  • THTD 30201.  Topics Visual: Scenic Design
  • THTD 30203.  Topics Visual: Costume Design
  • THTD 30209.  Topics Visual: Lighting Design
  • THTD 303xx.   Topics in Physical Text

Category III Courses: Film/Media as Significant Course Component

  • COMM 23300.  Mediated Gender, Race, and Sexuality
  • COMM 23500.  Media, Culture, and Society
  • CMLT 22200.   Classical Tradition in Modern Drama, Fiction, and Film
  • CMLT 23600.   Comparative Film Studies
  • CMLT 29004.   Filming the Occult
  • ENGL 21014.   Religion in Black Film and Literature
  • ENGL 23043.   Noir
  • ENGL 24018.   Fidelity and Betrayal: The 19th Century British Novel on Film
  • GRMN 25000.  Current Events in News and Social Media
  • HIST 20101.    History of the News
  • HIST 20107.    The Western: “new Wests” In Modern America
  • HIST 29000.    Europe Since 1945: Film and History
  • RELS 26400.   Religion and Film

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