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2020-2021 Catalogue 
2020-2021 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Media & Digital Studies: Global Media Pathway, B.A.

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Ahmet Atay, Chair
Nii Nikoi
Jennifer Hayward


The Global Media concentration offers a solid foundation in media research, methods, and theory embedded in a transnational context, and prepares students to pursue a variety of career paths, including positions in media organizations, opinion research, commentary, teaching, and graduate studies.

Major in Global Media & Digital Studies: Global Media Pathway

Consists of ten courses:

Cross-Listed courses/Electives

Category I Courses: National/Transnational Film and Media

  • AFST 24400.   Cinema of Africa and the African Diaspora
  • CHIN 22300.   Chinese Cinema as Translation of Cultures (in English)
  • CMLT 23600.  Comparative Film Studies
  • ENGL 30010.  Postcolonial Literature and Film
  • GRMN 22802. German Film and Society (in English)
  • GRMN 25000. Current Events in News and Social Media (in German)
  • HIST 20900.    Europe Since 1945: Film and History
  • HIST 27507.    Iranian Cinema and History
  • RUSS 22000.  Russian Culture Through Film (in English)
  • RUSS 24000.  Imagining Russia
  • SPAN 28000.  Hispanic Film (in English)

Category II Courses: Film/Media/Digital Writing and Production

  • ARTS 15900.   Introduction to Photography
  • COMM 33200. Visual Communication
  • ENGL 16002.   Travel Writing
  • GMDS 41000.  Internship
  • HIST 20201.    History Workshop: Historical Documentary Filmmaking
  • THTD 10200.  Foundations of Theatrical Design
  • THTD 30201.  Topics Visual: Scenic Design
  • THTD 30203.  Topics Visual: Costume Design
  • THTD 30209.  Topics Visual: Lighting Design
  • THTD 303xx.   Topics in Physical Text

Category III Courses: Film/Media as Significant Course Component

  • COMM 23300.  Mediated Gender, Race, and Sexuality
  • COMM 23500.  Media, Culture, and Society
  • CMLT 22200.   Classical Tradition in Modern Drama, Fiction, and Film
  • CMLT 23600.   Comparative Film Studies
  • CMLT 29004.   Filming the Occult
  • ENGL 21014.   Religion in Black Film and Literature
  • ENGL 23043.   Noir
  • ENGL 24018.   Fidelity and Betrayal: The 19th Century British Novel on Film
  • GRMN 25000.  Current Events in News and Social Media
  • HIST 20101.    History of the News
  • HIST 20107.    The Western: “new Wests” In Modern America
  • HIST 29000.    Europe Since 1945: Film and History
  • RELS 26400.   Religion and Film

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