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2020-2021 Catalogue 
2020-2021 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global & International Studies-Home Department: Economics, B.A.

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Katie Holt, Chair

The Global & International Studies major is administered by a committee consisting of faculty who teach in the program. The Global & International Studies Program at The College of Wooster educates our students to think and act as responsible citizens in a diverse and interdependent global community.

This interdisciplinary major promotes understanding and appreciation of cultural, economic, historical, and political dimensions of global issues by developing theoretical, substantive, and experiential knowledge. The Global & International Studies Program aims to foster knowledge, critical thinking, research capabilities, and crosscultural communication skills.

The major in Global & International Studies consists of fourteen to fifteen courses. It includes coursework in Economics, History, Political Science; one foreign language course beyond the first four courses in a foreign language; one elective specialization course; an overseas term; methodological training in a home department (Economics, History, or Political Science); and Senior Independent Study. Students are mentored and encouraged to integrate their learning from the different disciplines and their overseas term in their choice of coursework, experiential learning opportunities, and their Independent Study work.

At the time of declaring the major, students will discuss with the Chair a plan to complete the major requirements, including the timing of the overseas term, methods courses, and Independent Study. At the same time, students will select Economics, History, or Political Science as their home department. The home department will have the responsibility for supervising the student’s research training and Independent Study.

For more information about these courses, see listings in the appropriate home department.

Major in Global & International Studies-Home Department: Economics

Consists of fifteen courses:

Special Notes

  • Overseas Term: Normally the overseas term will be at least one academic semester in length. Summer programs must be a minimum of eight weeks in length. Programs other than Wooster-endorsed programs will only count toward this requirement by special permission from the Chair, obtained in advance through written petition.
  • Foreign Language Study: The Global & International Studies major must complete one foreign language course beyond the first four courses in a foreign language (i.e., three semesters more than the existing College graduation requirement in a single language).
  • Elective Specialization: The Global & International Studies major must complete one course at the 200-level or above outside of Economics, History, and Political Science that addresses the thematic or area interests of the student. This course should be determined in consultation with the Academic Advisor. See Chair for approval.
  • HIST 101xx, 201xx, 275xx and 301xx are accepted for Global & International Studies credit when the courses focus on global or international themes. See Chair for approval.
  • Majors in the home department of History cannot count the same HIST 201xx course twice.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the major.

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