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2020-2021 Catalogue 
2020-2021 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, B.A.

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Ahmet Atay, Chair
Natasha Bissonauth
Christa Craven

The WGSS curriculum is based in feminist scholarship-both within traditional disciplines across the academic divisions and in response to questions that cannot be answered within the framework of a single discipline. To foster this interdisciplinary inquiry, the Women’s Studies Program was established in 1978 and has been built upon the feminist teaching, scholarship, and activism of faculty and students with a wide variety of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspectives. In the past few decades, the program has grown and evolved, changing its name to the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program in 2008 to recognize important changes within feminist scholarship.

Acknowledging this important history, WGSS courses retain Women’s Studies’ focus on examining previously unavailable information about the lives and con - tributions of women and analyzing the effects of cultural attitudes, power and inequality, and social structures on the experiences of women as they intersect with race, nation, ability, class, religion, and other axes of difference. In addition, feminist scholarship has recognized and explored commonalities between women’s oppression and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other sexual minorities worldwide, as well as the varied experiences of masculinity throughout the globe. In this vein, WGSS courses explore the cultural construction of sex, gender, and sexuality in the context of their relationship between theoretical and experiential knowledge, and privileging historically marginalized voices. WGSS encourages scholarship and teaching that is committed to the feminist principle of creating a more just world for all.

WGSS Courses

Major in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Consists of eleven courses:

Core Courses Accepted for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Credit


COMM 23300. Mediated Gender, Race & Sexuality [HSS]


ENGL 21002. Black Women Writers [AH]

ENGL 21018. Sex and Gender in Restoration and 18th-Century Literature [AH]



Special Notes

  • Majors and minors may substitute one WGSS 40000 or WGSS 40500 for one of the cross-listed courses.
  • WGSS 40500 is strongly recommended.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the major or minor.

Cross-listed Courses Accepted for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Credit

Africana Studies

               AFST 20030.  Fem, Gndr, Sexual Pol Caribbean [AH, C, D, GE, HSS]

               AFST 24000.  Black Wmn America 1619-1960’S [C, HSS]

               AFST 24100.  Black Women in Contemporary Society [C, HSS, D]

               AFST 24800.  Africana Women’s Theatre in 21st Century [AH, C, D]            

Art and Art History

     ARTH 21400.  Nineteenth Century Art [AH, W]

     ARTH 21600.  Gender and Modern Art [AH]


               CHIN 22200.  Women in Chinese Literature [AH, C]


               COMM 23300.  Mediated Gender, Race, and Sexuality [HSS, D]

               COMM 35005.  Surveillance of Difference


               ECON 24500.  Economics of Gender [HSS]


               ENGL 12027.  LLC: Memory & Gender in Caribbean Lit.

               ENGL 21002.  Black Women Writers [AH]

               ENGL 21004.  Empire Boys (pre 1900) [AH]

               ENGL 21018.  Sex & Gender in Restoration & 18 Century [AH]

               ENGL 21025. Shakespeare to Wilde [AH]

               ENGL 21031.  Queering Caribbean Literature [AH]

               ENGL 22011.  James Baldwin & Toni Morrison [AH]

               ENGL 24018.  Fidelity and Betrayal [AH]

               ENGL 29901.  Serials and Social Justice/ Digital Age [AH, C]


               GRMN 22700.  German Literature in Translation [AH, C]

               GRMN 22800.  Studies in German Society & Culture [AH, C]


               HIST 10100.  Introducing Religion [HSS, AH, R]

               HIST 10183.  Family in Chinese History [C, HSS]

               HIST 10191.  Intro: History of Sexualities [C, HSS, D]

     HIST 201xx.  The Craft of History [HSS, W]

               HIST 20102.  History of Education in the U.S. [HSS, W]

               HIST 20115.  Body in Chinese Tradition [C, HSS, W]

               HIST 24400.  Early American Social History

               HIST 27514.  LGBTQ in 20th C America [C, HSS, D]

               HIST 30151.  The Body and Chinese Nation [C, HSS]


               MUSC 21900.  Women in Music [AH, C]


               PHIL 21200.  Race, Gender, and Justice [AH, C, D, SJ]

Physical Education

     PHED 20000. Women in Sport

Political Science

               PSCI 21000.  Women, Power, Politics [C, HSS, D]

               PSCI 24730.  Sex and War [C, HSS]


               PSYC 21500.  Psychology of Women & Gender [HSS]

Religious Studies

               RELS 22200.  Islam [AH, C, R]

               RELS 26732.  Race, Gender, Class - Interpretation [AH, C, R]

               RELS 26937.  Religion, Race, Gender, Class in America [R]

Russian Studies

               RUSS 25000.  Russ Lit. the Age of Dostevsky/Tolstoy [AH, C, W]

               RUSS 29901.  Putin and New Gender Order [AH, C, D, GE]

Sociology and Anthropology

               ANTH 29901.  Gbl Politics of Reproduction [HSS]

    SOCI 20700. Sociology of Gender [D, HSS]


               SPAN 30900.  Trends in Spanish American Literature [AH, C]

Theatre & Dance

               THTD 24500.  Feminism and Theatre [AH, C, D]

               THTD 30301.  Theatre for Social Change [AH, D, SJ]

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