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2020-2021 Catalogue 
2020-2021 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish Minor

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Daniel Bourne, Chair
Brian Cope
Rebecca Garonzik
Hernán Medina Jiménez
Cynthia Palmer


The Department of Spanish offers a program of study designed to meet four principal objectives: (1) to facilitate the acquisition of advanced proficiency in the Spanish language; (2) to foster interdisciplinary knowledge and critical understanding of the histories, literatures, cultures, and linguistic practices of Spanish-speaking countries; (3) to develop critical thinking and analytical skills in Spanish; (4) to gain meaningful practice and general competence in the research methodologies specific to Spanish Linguistics and Hispanic Studies through guided one-on-one mentorship by a faculty member. Broadly speaking, the Department of Spanish aspires to lead its students to become confident communicators and lifelong learners who respect, examine, and understand the plurality and complexity of cultural expression and cultural identity across our globally interconnected but socioeconomically divided world.

A degree in Spanish from The College of Wooster can lead to careers in research, education, publishing, translation, international business, travel and tourism, and government; it can also serve as a preparation for professional school. Students interested in Spanish as a prelude to a career in international business or finance should consider the Interdisciplinary Minor in International Business Economics. Students interested in the history, cultures, and languages of Latin America may also consider the multidisciplinary Minor in Latin American Studies.

Minor in Spanish

Consists of six courses:

Special Notes

Special Notes:  minors

  • SPAN 22300, SPAN 22400, SPAN 27000, SPAN 30100, SPAN 30200, SPAN 30500, SPAN 30900, SPAN 31000 and SPAN 31100 may not be completed through transfer credit.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the major or minor.
  • Courses taken S/NC are not permitted in either the major or the minor.
  • One Spanish course taught in English may count toward the minor with permission of the Chair.
  • It is strongly recommended that one 300-level literature course be taken as one of the six required courses for the minor.  Whenever possible, the department strongly encourages students to take more than the required minimum number of courses for the major or minor

Special Notes:  general

  • Study Abroad:  All majors and minors are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester in a Spanish-speaking country.  Up to three courses may be transferred from on OCS-endorsed study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country toward fulfillment of the major or minor in Spanish.  
  • Spanish House:  Students with a strong interest in Spanish are encouraged to apply to live in the Spanish Suite.  The Spanish Suite offers a convivial, stimulating atmosphere with weekly cultural and social events that allow students to improve their Spanish and broaden their knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world.  A language assistant from a Spanish-speaking country lives on campus and helps organize the student-led activities.  Applications are normally due in late February.
  • Advanced Placement:  Students who receive a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Exam may count this credit toward a major or minor in Spanish.  Students who have taken the Advanced Placement Exam are still required, regardless of the score received, to take the placement exam at the College to determine the next appropriate course.

Special Notes: the foreign language requirement

  • Successful completion of SPAN 10100 and SPAN 10200 satisfies the College’s Foreign Language Graduation Requirement.
  • The Spanish Placement Exam is administered each year to incoming students during ARCH. Every student who has taken Spanish previously and who wishes to enroll in a Spanish course must first take the placement exam. Students can only enroll in courses that correspond to their level of proficiency as determined by the Placement Exam. Any student who registers and completes a Spanish course that is below his or her level of proficiency as determined by the Placement Exam will not receive credit toward graduation for that course, unless permission was granted by the Department Chair, which is highly unusual. Permission to enroll in a course below the student’s placement for the purpose of review will not be granted.
  • By placing into SPAN 20100 or above, a student automatically fulfills the College’s Foreign Language Graduation Requirement.
  • In order to fulfill the College’s Foreign Language Graduation Requirement through transfer credits for courses equivalent to SPAN 10100 - Beginning Spanish Level I and/or SPAN 10200 - Beginning Spanish Level II, the following requirements must be met: (1) The course must be taken at an accredited institution (consult with the Office of the Registrar for this information); (2) If the institution is on a semester system, the course must be worth at least four semester-hours credit; (3) If the institution is on a quarter system, the course must be worth at least six quarter-hours credit; (4) The student must receive a grade of C- or higher in requirements in the major or the minor. A student who seeks to fulfill the College’s foreign language requirement for graduation based on work completed through a dual enrollment program must take the Spanish Placement Exam.  Students who wish to meet the College’s foreign language requirement in Spanish through transfer credit for courses that do not meet the minimum requirements above must consult with the chairperson prior to such study, and will be required to take the departmental placement exam to demonstrate proficiency through the SPAN 10200 level.  


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