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2020-2021 Catalogue 
2020-2021 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Comparative Literature Minor

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Beth Muellner, Chair
Monica Florence (on leave fall semester)
Hernan Medina (Spanish)
Tatiana Filimonova (Russian) (on leave fall semester)
​Tom Prendergast (English)


The discipline of Comparative Literature promotes the study of intercultural relations across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Appealing to the desire to transcend a merely national point of view, it enables the student to develop a uniquely transnational perspective on imaginative works from antiquity to post modernity. The program at The College of Wooster is interdepartmental in character and includes both explicitly comparative courses and courses that focus on a particular national literature, both in the original and in translation.

Minor in Comparative Literature

Consists of six courses:

  • Three courses from Group I
  • Three courses from Groups II and III

Special Notes

  • CMLT 40100 , CMLT 45100 , and CMLT 45200  will all involve projects of a comparative character; the student may select an adviser from any of the departments that participate in the program; the project must be approved by the chair of the Comparative Literature Curriculum Committee by the end of the second week of the semester in which the student is enrolled in CMLT 40100  and CMLT 45100 .
  • Courses applied toward a Comparative Literature major may not be taken on an S/NC basis.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the major or minor.

Group I: Comparative Courses

ENGL-120xx  Investigations in Literary & Cultural Studies

CMLT 23600  Comparative Film Studies

CMLT 29000  Seminar in Comparative Studies

Group II: National Literature in Translation

Chinese Studies

  • CHIN 22200  Women in Chinese Literature
  • CHIN 22300  Chinese Cinema As Translation Culture

Classical Studies

  • AMST 22000  Mythology of the Ancient World
  • AMST 22100  Ancient Theater: Tragedy & Comedy

German Studies

  • GRMN 22700  German Literatuer in Translation
  • GRMN 22800  German Film & Society

Russian Studies

  • RUSS 21001  Russian Civilization: From Folklore to Philosophy
  • RUSS 22000  Russian Culture Through Film
  • RUSS 25000  Russian Literature the Age of Dostevsky/Tolstoy
  • RUSS 26000  The Artist & the Tyrant Creating a Perfect World


  • SPAN 28000  Hispanic Film
  • SPAN 39900  Special Topics

Group III: National Literature in the Original


  • ENGL 210xx  Culture
  • ENGL 220xx  Writers
  • ENGL 230xx  History
  • ENGL 240xx  Text
  • ENGL 250xx  Readers’ Responses to Texts
  • ENGL 300xx  Seminar in Literary Studies


  • FREN 22000  Introduction to Francophone Texts
  • FREN 32200  Studies in the 17th Century

German Studies

  • GRMN 26000  Kulturkunde: Introduction to German Studies
  • GRMN 300xx
  • GRMN 34000  Major Themes in German Literature


  • SPAN 30100  Cervantes: Don Quixote
  • SPAN 30500  The Contemporary Latin American Novel
  • SPAN 30900  Trends in Spanish American Literature


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