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2020-2021 Catalogue 
2020-2021 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Africana Studies, B.A.

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Josephine Wright, Chair
Boubacar N’Diaye
Nicosia Shakes


Africana Studies is an academic discipline rooted in a social, historical, and cultural context that seeks to introduce students to knowledge and perspectives about the peoples of Africa and of the African Diaspora that are not typically covered in traditional disciplines. The knowledge and perspectives Africana Studies seek to impart to students are principally corrective. They tend to challenge long-standing epistemic and paradigmatic approaches of traditional disciplines to the study of people of African descent and their struggles for equality and social justice.

Our interdisciplinary-trained faculty help students investigate, analyze, and develop multidisciplinary competencies to interpret critically all facets of the historical and contemporary experiences of black women and men in the global community. Since its inception in 1968, the Department of Africana Studies (formerly the Black Studies Program) has prepared College of Wooster graduates to succeed and become leaders in an interdependent, multicultural world.

By the end of the senior year, a Wooster Africana Studies graduate should be able to: identify and articulate the intellectual history, origin, purposes, and challenges of Africana Studies within the academy; identify and explain the connections between Africana Studies to historic Africa and the contemporary experiences of people of African descent around the world; identify and explain major historical events crucial to Africana people and their experiences in Africa, North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and other parts of the world; identify, articulate, and apply relevant Africancentered theories and methodologies to the investigation or critical analysis of topics, texts, artistic productions, events, or phenomena related to the African diaspora; and conceptualize, research, organize, and write an independent study project that meets the learning outcomes of the department.

AFST courses

Major in Africana Studies

Consists of twelve courses:

Course Sequence

Course sequence suggestions for majors:

Sophomore Year:

Junior Year:

Senior Year:

Special Notes

  • S/NC courses are not permitted in either the major or minor.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the major or minor.

Cross-listed Courses Accepted for Africana Studies Credit

Art and Art History

               ARTH 22000.  African Art [C, AH, GE, W]


               ENGL 21002.  Black Women Writers [AH]

               ENGL 22011.  James Baldwin & Toni Morrison [AH]

               ENGL 23002.  Survey of African-American Literature [AH]

French and Francophone Studies

               FREN 33500.  W. Afr. & France:Encounters since 1900Africa [AH, C, D, GE]


               HIST 11500.  History of Black America [C, HSS]

               HIST 23100.  The Making of Africa [C, HSS]

               HIST 23200.  Africa From Colonization to Globalization [C, HSS]

               HIST 27517.  From Civil Rgts to Black Lives [C, HSS]


               MUSC 21400.  Hist of African American Music [AH, C]

               MUSC 21700.  Survey of Jazz [AH, C]

Political Science

               PSCI 20800.  Race and Power [C, HSS, D, SJ]

               PSCI 24900.  The Government & Politics of Africa [C, HSS, D, GE]

Religious Studies

               RELS 26100.  The Black Relgious Experience in America [C, R]

Sociology and Anthropology

               SOCI 20900.  Inequality in America [HSS]

               SOCI 21400.  Racial & Ethnic Groups in Amer Society [C, HSS, D]

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