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2016-2017 Catalogue 
2016-2017 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Adolescent to Young Adult Education (Grades 7-12, Ages 12-21)

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Areas of Specialty:
Integrated Language Arts (English major)
Integrated Mathematics (Mathematics major)
Integrated Social Studies (usually History major)

One hundred percent of Wooster completers seeking the Ohio Resident Educator teaching license passed the required Ohio Assessments for Educators examinations during the past two academic years.


For specific content courses, see Teacher Education at the College of Wooster: A Supplement to the Catalogue which is available from any faculty member in the Department of Education.

Departmental Standards for the Teaching Profession

The following seven standards for the teaching profession reflect a connection between the goals of Wooster’s teacher education program and the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Professions. Listed below is a brief explanation of what the Department expects teacher licensure candidates to achieve by the end of the teacher education program:

  • Student Learning: Candidates understand student learning and development and respect the diversity of students they will teach.
  • Content Knowledge: Candidates know and understand the content area for which they will have instructional responsibility.
  • Assessment: Candidates understand and use varied assessments to inform instruction, evaluate, and ensure student learning.
  • Instruction: Candidates plan and deliver effective instruction that advances the learning of each individual student.
  • Learning Environment: Candidates create learning environments that promote high levels of learning and achievements for all students.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Candidates collaborate and communicate with students, parents, families, and other educators, administrators, and the community to support student learning.
  • Professional Responsibility, Growth, and Reflection: Through reflection, candidates assume responsibility for professional growth, performance, and involvement as individuals and as members of a learning community.

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