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2020-2021 Catalogue 
2020-2021 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MUSC 10100 - Music Theory I

Course Credit: 1
MUSIC THEORY I Fundamentals review, diatonic triads in root position and first inversion three- and four-part writing, principles of harmonic progression. Elementary dictation, sightsinging, and keyboard skills. Required of all majors and minors in Music. Concurrent enrollment in MUSC 18100 required unless a higher level of piano skill (as determined through audition) has been attained or the piano proficiency requirement for Music majors has already been completed. Prerequisite(s): MUSC-10000, or prior training in fundamentals and fluent ability as measured by a placemnt test administered during ARCH or at the beginning of the fall semester. Annually. [AH]