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2020-2021 Catalogue 
2020-2021 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ARTH 21000 - Northern Renaissance Art

Course Credit: 1
NORTHERN RENAISSANCE ART This course examines the art and architecture produced north of the Alps between the late fourteenth century through the sixteenth century. We will pay particular attention to the connections between art and religious life, including the visualization of the spiritual and the otherworldly and the viewer’s interaction with the devotional image. We will also study court culture, the effect of the Protestant Reformation on artistic production, the problem of “realism,” regional differences in patronage of the arts, exchanges with Italian culture, and the shifting status of the artist. Artists considered include Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Matthias Gr newald, Hieronymous Bosch, and Pieter Brueghel. Recommended: ARTH-10100 or ARTH-10200 [AH, R]