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2021-2022 Catalogue 
2021-2022 Catalogue

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, B.A.

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Mark Snider, Chair
Paul Edmiston
Dean Fraga
Sara Martin
William Morgan
Erzsébet Regan
Stephanie Strand
James West

This interdisciplinary program, jointly administered by faculty from the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, enables students to ask and explore fundamental questions concerning the molecular events in living organisms. Students who complete this program will possess an understanding of the structure-function relationships of biological molecules, the reactions and mechanisms involved in biological energy conversions, the formation and organization of complex cellular structures, and the communication of biological information spatially and temporally.  Graduates who have completed a major in BCMB are well prepared for further scientific studies in graduate school, medical school and related health professional programs, as well as a multitude of careers.

Through its curriculum, the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program develops students who:

  • Possess a broad and fundamental understanding of biology and chemistry with particular focus on how molecules found in biological systems confer the properties of living organisms.
  • Are able to perform common scientific methods and use common tools of the field involving both laboratory and computational techniques.
  • Can conduct scientific investigations independently.
  • Are able to locate, evaluate, and communicate scientific information effectively in both written and oral presentations.

Course Sequence

To complete the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, students should follow the sequence below:

Special Notes

  • There is no minor in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.
  • A student may not double major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with Biology, Chemistry, or Neuroscience.
  • A student who desires to replace a course listed above with a different course to count toward the major can petition the BCMB Curriculum Committee.
  • Required courses in the major, including the Computational Methods and Quantitative Methods courses, must be passed with a grade of C- or higher. Courses in the major exceeding the number required in the major may be taken S/NC with permission of the instructor. All courses must be taken concurrently with the corresponding laboratory.
  • All students are encouraged to broaden their perspective in the major by taking additional upper-level Chemistry, Biology, and/or Biochemistry & Molecular Biology courses.
  • A BCMB major who desires an American Chemical Society-Certified Biochemistry Degree is required to take the following courses in addition to the course requirements for the BCMB major:  CHEM 21500, CHEM 24000, and either CHEM 31800 or CHEM 31900, MATH 11000, MATH 11500, MATH 12000, and MATH 12500, and either PHYS 10700 and PHYS 10800, or PHYS 11100 and PHYS 11200.

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