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2021-2022 Catalogue 
2021-2022 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Economics, B.A.

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Philip Mellizo, Chair
Sookti Chaudhary
Matthew (Joe) Histen
Brooke Krause
Melanie Long
Amyaz Moledina
Huiting Tian


The Business Economics major, offered in the Economics Department, provides an academically challenging program within the context of the liberal arts for those who desire a sophisticated understanding of finance, business operations, and an appreciation for the social and economic complexities of the world in which firms operate. The major is intended for students who plan to enter the finance and business world directly after graduation, but it is sufficiently flexible to accommodate those who may choose graduate study. The Business Economics major uses rigorous quantitative methods and economic theory to analyze business enterprises, their decisions, and the factors that contribute to the diversity of organizatioal structures. The core courses of Financial Accounting, Quantitative Methods and Econometrics expose students to the tools of applied business analytics.  The major also offers elective courses in stategic management and marketing, and requires familarity wtih economic modeling in a business context.  Economic modeling includes optimization and price theory as well as electives in game theory and cost/benefit analysis.

Those interested in international business should consider the special recommendations that pertain to them below. Students who desire a more policy-oriented major should consider the Economics major also offered by the Department of Economics.

The requirements for the major are formulated to acquaint the student with the structure and organization of the business firm, and to provide a framework of theoretical and quantitative analysis necessary for business decision-making. 

Special Notes

  • Double majors with Mathematics may substitute MATH 22900  for ECON 11000  and MATH 32900  for ECON 21000 .
  • DATA 10200 can be taken in place of ECON 11000 (most relevant for Statistical & Data Science minor or double majors).
  • Majors who do not place into MATH 11000 should take MATH 10500 as soon as possible in order to progress through the major.  MATH 11000 can be taken concurrently wtih ECON 20100.
  • ECON 10100 , ECON 11000 , and MATH 11000, and either ECON 20100 or ECON 20200 should be completed by the end of the student’s fourth semester. 
  • The department requires that ECON 20100  or ECON 20200  be taken prior to enrolling in BUEC 40100 .
  • We do not offer a Business Economics minor.  The non-major who desires a background in business economics may take BUEC 11900, ECON 10100, and other elective Business Economics courses according to their interests.
  • Business Economics majors are not permitted to take courses in the major on an S/NC basis.
  • A grade of C- or better is required for all courses counting toward the major, including the Mathematics course. Students receiving a grade below C- in ECON 10100  must retake that course before proceeding to the other Economics or Business Economics courses.

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