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2018-2019 Catalogue 
2018-2019 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

South Asian Studies Minor

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Mark Graham, Chair

The interdepartmental minor in South Asian Studies focuses on developing an understanding of the diverse but related historical and cultural traditions of South Asia (a region that is comprised primarily of, but not necessarily limited to, the nations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Myanmar), both in their “home” locations and in their global and diasporic situations. The South Asian Studies minor recognizes the diversity of cultural and national traditions that exist across this region, but at the same time helps foster an understanding of the common cultural and historical concerns that make “South Asia” a coherent focus of study. Given the complexity of histories and traditions in this region of the world, the minor requires multidisciplinary study, and encourages the integration of offcampus study in a South Asian country as part of the curriculum.

Minor in South Asian Studies

Consists of six courses:

  • Six elective South Asian Studies courses from at least two departments

Special Notes

  • Off-Campus Study: The minor in South Asian Studies encourages the completion of an approved off-campus study program in a South Asian country. Acceptable programs can be either Wooster-endorsed semester-long programs in a South Asian country (e.g., India or Nepal), or South Asia-focused “Wooster Trek” programs led by Wooster faculty members (e.g., Exploring India at Home and Abroad Through the Arts; Global Social Entrepreneurship, focused on India).
  • A maximum of three courses completed for transfer credit during an approved off-campus study program in South Asia may, with the South Asian Studies curriculum committee’s approval, be counted toward completion of the minor.
  • College of Wooster courses not listed below (e.g., new interdepartmental or special topics courses) may also be approved for the minor, if such courses are focused on South Asia.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the minor.

Cross-listed Courses Accepted for South Asian Studies Credit


HIST 27519.  Hist S. Asia: Mughals to Modi [C, HSS]


PHIL 23000.  East/West Comparative Philosophy [AH, C]

PHIL 23100.  Indian Philosophy & Its Roots [AH, C]

Religious Studies

RELS 11002.  Comp. Religious Traditions: South Asia [AH, C,R]

RELS 21800.  Hinduism [AH, C,R]

RELS 22000.  Buddhism [AH, C,R]

RELS 22200.  Islam [AH, C,R]

RELS 23000.  The Life & Thought of Mahatma Gandhi [C, R,W]

RELS 26740.  Buddhist Visual & Material Cultures [R]

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