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2016-2017 Catalogue 
2016-2017 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Studio Art Minor

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Bridget Milligan, Chair
Marina Mangubi
Kara Morrow
Jennifer Sakai
John Siewert
Walter Zurko

The Department of Art and Art History offers majors in Studio Art and in Art History. Courses in both majors are designed to allow the student to develop an understanding of the visual arts past and present. In studio courses, students learn to conceive and express ideas in two- and three-dimensional media, to evaluate the aesthetic character of works of art, and to become more alert to their sociopolitical implications. Art history courses are concerned with the production and reception of the visual arts within their social, religious, cultural, and political contexts. Students may double major in Studio Art and Art History or major in one discipline and minor in the other. Students considering a double major or a major and a minor in the Department should meet with the Department Chair early in their undergraduate education.

The Department of Art and Art History strongly urges students interested in off-campus experiences to take advantage of the New York Arts Program administered by the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA). Other off-campus study programs, both in this country and abroad, are available to majors with adequate course preparation for advanced study. More information on such programs is available through the office of Off-Campus Studies.

Architecture: Students interested in a career in architecture should consider one of the following options, bearing in mind that Wooster does not offer a major in architecture: 1) a pre-architecture program of recommended coursework, preparing students for graduate study in architecture upon completion of the B.A. in any discipline at Wooster; or 2) the Cooperative Program between The College of Wooster and Washington University in St. Louis, providing an opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s degree from Wooster and, upon acceptance into the graduate program, a Master’s of Architecture degree at Washington University. For either option, interested students should meet with one of the Pre-Architecture co-advisers, Professor John Siewert and Professor Walter Zurko, early in their undergraduate education (see Pre- Professoinal and Dual Degree Programs  for additional information)

Studio Art

The program in Studio Art is designed to engage students in the creative process and to provide training necessary for graduate study and/or a professional career in visual art.

Majors normally choose upper-level courses that lead to an emphasis in one of the following areas: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and photography. Studio art courses usually are restricted to fewer than twenty students so that the instructor may spend sufficient time with each member of the class. These classes will be organized by collective experiences - slide lectures, field trips to galleries and museums, group critiques - and for personal, creative work and individualized suggestions and criticism offered by the instructor.

Minor in Studio Art

Consists of six courses:

Special Notes

  • AP credit in studio art is granted with a grade of 4 or 5 on the Studio Art General Portfolio or the Studio Art Drawing Portfolio, and a faculty portfolio review of artwork submitted to the AP Board.
  • To declare a major in Studio Art, a student should have completed at least three courses in art, two of which must have been studio courses.
  • Junior Independent Study in Studio Art (ARTS 40100 ) is a one-semester course that offers majors an opportunity to integrate techniques with creative concepts and serves as a preparatory experience for the two-semester Senior Independent Study (ARTS 45100  and ARTS 45200 ). ARTS 40100  is offered only in the Spring semester. Students must plan off-campus study so that it does not conflict with this course.
  • Courses taken S/NC will not fulfill requirements for a major or a minor in Studio Art.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the major or minor.

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