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2021-2022 Catalogue 
2021-2022 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

COMD 14000 - Speech & Language Clinic Practicum

Course Credit: 0.25
Maximum Credit: 0
SPEECH AND LANGUAGE CLINIC PRACTICUM Procedures and practices in the assessment and management of persons who are speech and/or language impaired as applied under the direct supervision of ASHA certified and state-licensed speech-language pathologists in the Freelander Speech and Hearing Clinic. Four semesters required by majors and minors for credit toward graduation. Alternatively, students may complete three semesters of COMD-14000 and a fourth semester of COMD-14400. May be repeated. Prerequisite(s): COMD-14100, COMD-14300, and COMD-14500, with grades of C- or better; or permission of instructor. Prerequisites may be taken concurrently with COMD-14000 Annually.