Feb 23, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalogue 
2019-2020 Catalogue

MUSC 24000 - Voice

Course Credit: 1
VOICE PRIVATE INSTRUCTION A one-hour lesson per week (200-level) for one full (1.000) course credit is primarily for declared and prospective performance majors and requires three hours of daily practice and performance in at least one departmental recital during the semester. Advanced students who are not music performance majors may, with the approval of the chairperson of the Department of Music, enroll for weekly one-hour lessons for full course credit, only so long as they too meet the practice requirement of three hours daily and perform in at least one departmental recital during the semester. If, in the judgement of the instructor, a student enrolled for one-hour lessons is not meeting the practice requirement or will not be prepared to perform in a departmental recital during the current semester, the student must change that semester to half-hour lessons for one-half course credit. Instructors are urged to require applied students to maintain regular practice logs. Permission of the instructor is required for enrollment in applied lessons. A lesson fee may be charged. May be repeated. Annually.