Sep 24, 2020  
2018-2019 Catalogue 
2018-2019 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HIST 30153 - Creation of Trump’s America

Course Credit: 1
CREATION OF TRUMP’S AMERICA Over the last sixteen months, scholars, the media, and the general public have been trying to get their heads around the strange phenomenon of Donald J. Trump’s presidential run. As many experts have pointed out in a variety of settings, his derogatory public statements toward women, people of color, and Muslims, his bullying of public figures, his vague and often inflammatory policy proposals, his willful ignorance of issues, personal history, campaign strategy, and erratic behavior would have (and have had) destroyed any other candidate. Last summer, the urge to explain Trumpism spurred the creation of two separate syllabi for imaginary courses on the subject. In this research-based, graduate-style seminar, we will bring that fantasy to life - using Trump and Trumpism as a way to examine the trajectory of the right wing and the Republican Party over the last fifty or so years. Prerequisite(s): 1 course in History; or permission of the instructor [HSS]